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ruby rails dating verkkosivuilla

: Use Etc/UTC as your servers time zone. Deal with time zone presentation on your applications layer. Always define the time zone in your Rails application, even if its Etc/UTC. This is how Ruby behaves with and without the TZ variable. Tue Dec 8 03:37:The problem is that not every software out there will use this variable automatically (or use it at all). This gem will load all this information from your operating system; in Ubuntu, this information comes from the tzdata package.

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( ) # kiinan gay dating sivustoja 16:47:00 UTC To set the time zone for an execution context, use the method e_zone, which sets the specified time zone only while running the block. This will free you from problems related to DST and cron jobs. # "brst" Time. This variable is not defined in most systems, but that will depend on how your server is configured. Utc # 11:40:31 UTC now_in_los_angeles. The time zone presentation should be the applications responsibility. Js will use the browsers time zone (brst-0200 in my case if you need to convert the date to a different time zone, use momentjs-timezone.

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