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fender sarjanumero dating service

Series except 52 Telecaster) 1982 (For.S. Aside from the logos, each era of manufacturing included certain identifying traits such as the hardware (tuners, knobs, plates, etc. DZ3 5 or 6 digits (American Deluxe Series). By 1933 Gibson had dropped the "The" from all of their logos while retaining the script "Gibson." The original thin script was replaced with a thicker font on higher-end models in the mid-30s, and across the entire lineup by the end of the decade.

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Production dates, up to 6,000 1950 to 1954, up to 10,000 1954 to 1956 10,000s 1955 to 1956 10,000s to 20,000s 1957 20,000s to 30,000s 1958 30,000s to 40,000s 1959 40,000s to 50,000s 1960 50,000s to 70,000s 1961 60,000s to 90,000s 1962 80,000s to 90,000s. These guitars have a completely different set of serial numbers that I will talk about later in the article. The chart below details Fender serial number schemes used from 1965 to 1976. Vintage Series except 52 Telecaster) 1985 (For.S. Here is a guide to lookup all of the different types of special Fender guitars with their own serial number pattern. A FON usually consisted of a 3-, 4-, or 5-digit batch number followed by one or two other numbers in most cases.

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