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and steel or non-ferrous metals. These sectors are projected to further online dating booster android increase their output (for the year 2030) with more ambitious energy efficiency investment efforts. For modelling purposes, it is assumed that the measures would lead to a share of empty vehicle-km in total vehicle-km for cabotage equal to that of domestic hauliers carrying out national transport from 2025 onwards. In modelling, the BATs are reflected in the menu of available technologies, which is the same in all energy efficiency scenarios. The Waste Management Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC) and in particular the Landfill Directive (Directive 1999/31/EC) which contribute to a significant reduction of emissions from waste. Results are reported for the "no crowding out" version of E3ME and the "loan-based" version of GEM-E3. The baseline projection is the benchmark against which the energy savings are calculated.

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No variation in the level of intensity of the measure is assumed between scenarios. Nicolson, Department of Molecular Pathology, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, Huntington Beach, California 92647, USA jorg haier, Department of General and Visceral Surgery, University Hospital, Münster 48149, Germany corresspondence: Prof. The Common Agricultural Policy influences, inter alia, livestock numbers/intensities and the Nitrogen Directive online dating site epäonnistuu and the Water Framework Directive impact on the use of fertilizer. To deliver the needed investment, allow for the free flow of electricity across borders, deliver on the new deal for consumers, ensure security of electricity supply and allow for an increased share of (variable) renewables in the system, the Commission intends to make a proposal. The GEM-E3 model is extensively used as a tool of policy analysis and impact assessment.

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