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a retreat to the next line of defence in the Taipale sector. 152153 Trotter (2002),. 112 Most Soviet soldiers had proper winter clothes, but this was not the case with every unit. Winter War and the Baltic Submarines (19391940). 51 In 1934, the Soviet Union joined the League of Nations. 92 An even greater problem than lack of soldiers was the lack of materiel; foreign shipments of anti-tank weapons and aircraft were arriving in small quantities. The Finnish Army reached its maximum strength at the beginning of March 1940 with 346,000 soldiers in uniform. On 15 February, Mannerheim authorised a general retreat of the II Corps to a fallback line of defence. The Baltic states were soon forced to accept treaties allowing the ussr to establish military bases and to station troops on their soil.

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261 Trotter (2002),. 234235 Trotter (2002),. 166 Both Germany and Sweden were keen to see an end to the Winter War. 514 Jowett Snodgrass (2006),. One typical Soviet attack during the battle lasted just an hour but left 1,000 dead and 27 tanks strewn on the ice. The assaults continued without success, and the Red Army suffered heavy losses. The Finnish and Swedish militaries engaged in wide-ranging cooperation, but focused on the exchange of information and on defence planning for the Åland Islands rather than on military exercises or on stockpiling and deployment of materiel. 893896 Soviet-Finnish War and Red Army's Losses, in Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University. In the battle of Petsamo, the Soviet 104th Division attacked the Finnish 104th Independent Cover Company.

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